Nenka Ukraine

Dina Oganova

2009 - 2015

It was 2009 when i went first time in Kiev (capital) of Ukraine and was totally in love with this amazing country and lovely people.I think Ukrainians and Georgians has a lot of common.

2014 was the hardest and sadness year for this beautiful country,but at the same time I was so proud of them,because they were fighting for their independent ,for their European choose.

During the war,Ukraine already lost one of her "sunny and sea"part Crimea and it's become independent,as in 1992-1993 Georgia lost her part Abkhazia... War with Russia is still continue in the west of Ukraine...

Politics...but this is all about my Ukraine,daily life of the ordinary people.Country where I feel myself as comfortable as I'm at home.


"Nenka" in Ukrainian means Mother,so this is about my Mother Ukraine.

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  • One of the night in the EuroMaidan,boy are standing and singing the Ukrainian hymn

  • Couple and solders in the metro of Kiev are going to the EuroMaidan.

  • Crimea / Feodosia
    Most needful game during summer

  • Sisters in the Shestovitsa village are preparing for the local concert

  • Crimea / Summer
    Children are playing in computer game

  • ---

  • During the EuroMaidan people were playing golf.
    Portraits of Ex President of Ukraine
    Viktor Yanukovich and Russian president Vladimer Putin

  • Chernobil. After 20 years,dead city's life.
    Title on the wall : "Our plans"

  • Monument of Stella in the center of Kiev

  • Bus driver in the mirror and Pitachok

  • Center of Kiev

  • ---

  • ---

  • Painting on the wall in the dead city Chernobil

  • Crazy Ukrainian girls band "Dakh Daughters" concert in Kiev during new year

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