Have you seen außerirdischen Troll?

Dieter Schamne

2018 - 2019


Have you seen außerirdischen Troll?

Introduction: Who is „außerirdischer Troll“? The „außerirdischer Troll“ is the alien. This is the small guy who makes troubles and sell aluminium hats to other trolls and some people. Someone try to find him. In the beginning was the idea, than the fiction story of fiction character. It’s allegory not exactly based at nordic mythology of trolls and fairy tales. The series of conceptual artwork of manipulated photographs, installations and video sequences. Different non-confessional formats and medias rounds creative vision of the author. From tiny like postage stamp photographs to very large formats without framing. Created over the time and space without connection, but with the signs of the transition. Try to find and understand the past, the present and the future. Try to find and understand yourself and you’ll see the end of the story. But the story have no end, it still open and ongoing. Enjoy the way, enjoy the visual avantgarde!

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  • the home of the troll, but he is not there!

  • sending a request

  • sending a request again

  • healthy products (censored)

  • he is not in white house

  • snakes. troll hates snakes

  • white death

  • white death 2

  • reflections

  • reflections 2

  • druid

  • bitch

  • Das Ende