The Cuban Brigade

Diana Bagnoli

2020 - Ongoing

The Cuban Brigade Henry Reeve is a group of doctors, nurses, epidemiologists who have been treating Covid patients at the OGR in Turin since mid-April.

The OGR is a former industrial complex, reinvented as a space for culture and events, it became a temporary hospital in Covid times.

Thanks to Cuban doctors, hospitals in Piedmont have resumed their normal rhythm and Covid patients have been discharged one after the other.

Their mission lasted three months of hard work. At the beginning they were working no stop, in the crowded temporary hospital. They were spending the whole day over there, into the red zone or the yellow zone of the temporary hospital. I have been allowed to follow them after one month from their arrival.

At the end of the mission they went finally outside the hospital, they went trekking to the Fidel peak on a mountain in the area and the responsible manager of the brigade, the doctor Julio Guerra Izquierdo, has been made honorary citizen by the mayor of Turin.

This work was supported by the National Geographic Society’s Emergency Fund for Journalists.

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