Inter Mundos

Diana Bagnoli

2015 - Ongoing

Peru; Mexico; Senegal; Haiti

INTER MUNDOS is a personal project started in 2015, that gazes to all those people whom, for attitude, family inheritance or exceptional events have become the spiritual leaders of their ancestral community.

Voodoo priests in Haiti, Senegalese marabouts, shamans and curanderos that live between two world as they have the gift of knowing how to shift between light and darkness, spirit and matter.

This work, is the product of a travel that stretch between 4 countries and different ethnic groups, it glimpses through the spiritual and ancient ways to transcend from difficult and complex realities. It aims to document the context around, often marginal and extremely humble, but also to evoke the magic and mystery of those mystical beliefs.

On the Peruvian Andes the ethnic Q'ero shamans live alone at 4000 meters above sea level.

They talk to lake and mountains’ spirits and once a year they meet at Quolluriti, a great pilgrimage site at the feet of the Sinangara glacier, that recalls all the mystics from the Andes.

In the Amazon rainforest of Peru, the Ashaninka ethnic group welcomes visitors from all over the world to treat any kind of diseases with potions made from herbs, roots, some of them hallucinogenic.

The Senegalese Marabouts, in the rural areas of Casamance, during the initiation of the young Jola ethnic group, the Boukout, a men's secret initiation, where all the men of the same tribe have to go into the forest to endure a whole month of rituals, physical tasks and survival techniques without absolutely any contact with civilization, women and uninitiated men, except little girls. Some of those boys never came back.

In Mexico, the curanderos, traditional healers from Inca populations, managed to preserve the ancient secrets of indigenous medicine despite the repressive Spanish colonization.

Vudù priests and priestesses in Haiti, where everyone, even the most fervent Catholics, believes in the magic of the Loas, the vudù spirits, who during the ceremonies are welcome to enter into the spiritual community member to possess them and use them as hosts to interact with the human world.

The last leg of the trip is going to be Siberia, where shamanism is still considered an official religion.

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