Luciana Demichelis

2020 - Ongoing

Historically, limbo was the place where souls awaiting trial were condemned. In recent years, I took photos of people alone despite being together among smoke machines, sweat and DJ booths, working as a photographer in electronic music raves.

In the pandemic, I decided to represent situations created through performance to represent where all of us wanted to be: at a party, surrounded by those we loved. The project is a mixture of these photographs with others from the archive, creating a new imaginary of fiction.

A question was added to the stimulating and sensory effects: is LSD what it is, or is it 2C-B, amphetamine? The war on drugs has become one of the greatest dangers of our generation, due to the lack of testing of what we are consuming.

Limbo is, then, a fictional photographic project about the search for identity through the body.

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