A Fevered Dream

David Walter Banks

2014 - Ongoing

California, United States

A Fevered Dream is a fictional story on the California desert told through non-fictional photographs. A mystical land both brutal and unforgiving while teeming with life. By its very nature the desert attracts the fringe, outsiders, misfits and those that can handle the harsh realities of the environment. But to the few who abide there and the sojourners seeking quiet, beauty, and hidden magic - these dunes, peaks, plateaus and vast expanses are a wonderland of possibilities and secrets waiting to reveal themselves. I seek not to tell a linear story for this place calls for one more surreal. Instead, I only look to document these places, people and moments, allowing the viewer to take their own journey and come to their own conclusions on this tale of magical surrealism.

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  • The Canal.

  • Roadside Companions.

  • Into the Abyss.

  • Rock.

  • Into the Storm.

  • In Memoriam.

  • Path to the Waterfall.

  • Jon O.

  • Wasteland.

  • Crossing.

  • Sea of Death.

  • Santa.

  • The Keys are Still Here.

  • Everything Cracks.

  • In the Wind.

  • Coco.

  • Everything Revealed.

  • The Captain.

  • Victor.

  • Enter Darkness.