West Way

David Sopronyi

2011 - 2013

The A40 route in West London is one of the main arteries of the city’s traffic and its 2.5-mile long, elevated section between East Acton and Edgware Road is known as the Westway. The West Way is a search for the so far unarticulated faces of this vicinity, which has yielded a series of images juxtaposing natural and artificial elements ranging from the most familiar to the utterly surprising. By documenting the urban landscape of this area, I have been aiming to explore the relationship between the built-up environment, nature and man; as well as the ever-evolving process through which the Westway has become part of everyday life in this neighbourhood. The chronicle of this part of London offers an insight into the ways people in large metropolises create ideas for living, how they put these into practice and finally how they respond to the realisation of the same plans. In essence, telling the story of the Westway has allowed me to reflect on the fragility of men in contrast to the greatness of their creations.

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