Rom on the air

Davide Palmisano



he BTR-Sat tv-station broadcast all over Europe satellite television programs from its seat in Shukta (Macedonia), tenth municipality of the city of Skopje, and the first and only city-hall in the world, recognized institutionally by nationals of Roma origin. This place, therefore, has become now the destination and haven for Roma men and women from all European and Balkan, who will find a place where to realize their own home, but especially in the area need to root and transmit their culture and identity.

The Btr broadcasts programs of entertainment and information 24 hours a day, has about 30 staff based on three work shifts, and it supports thanks to the activism of its owner and manager; the television network is also responsible for the organization of annual events such as festivals, beauty contests and music festivals and film, more and internationally, in Romanes language and reserved for the Roma.

Created to develop the information and disclosure of Roma culture, a people no longer nomadic but that remains to this day without their land, nor can not find place in the new political and economic geography, BTR-TV arrive into the homes of the Roma thus creating a shared imaginary vision, necessary to build a "new geography" even for those who are outside the boundaries of the community.

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  • the entrance of the TV studios, located underground

  • an old television set, probably does not work

  • waiting for the launch of the evening news

  • the clerk to prepare the journalistic piece for the afternoon edition of the newscast

  • server room with computers that require an extra cooling system

  • personal computers in control room

  • neon light of multi-purpose room, where located some of the most important TV events (music videos or advertising, entertainment programs in the Roma language)

  • back stage of recording a video music clip

  • the technical equipment available to the television network are simple and often outdated, yet efficient

  • the technical equipment available to the television network are simple and often outdated, yet efficient

  • transmission horoscope language romans

  • the news on air