Published on 12th May 2017

Let Us Not Fall Asleep While Walking

  • Unfinished landmark of corruption

  • A pile of tires as part of a revolution

  • Choices are made by the ones who can see

  • Playgrounds as imagined

  • A veteran walking uphill

  • Soldiers waiting for the unknown

  • Building castles

  • Identical twins

  • Friends sticking together towards the other side

  • A red dress that was never returned to its owner

  • Prepared for the days to come

  • Disconnected from news or entertainment

  • 5 year old girl lost without parents

  • The reason why we are here is to play

  • The end of the cold war and the beginning of a new

  • Reflections of a bloody past

  • The be blinded or not

  • There is always hope on the other end

  • The day we lost our home

  • Stalin's last draw

Let Us Not Fall Asleep While Walking

War & Conflicts, Contemporary Issues, Documentary

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