in the italian province

Daria Addabbo

2020 - Ongoing


Driving along the provincial roads of Italy, I've pointed my lens to the hidden

events in the part of the country that lies away from the spotlight. I have found

visions of spaces, lights, small and local stories, «la Provincia».

Traveling from North to South, in the «Provincia» I have found an ethereal, far,

liquid, silent, still and empty territory, where the filter is always fairy-tale or

dreamy. I have found empty squares, like the ones told by De Chirico and

painted by Pavese.

These empty, sometimes decadent spaces function as entrances to big malls

parking lots, where one can be kept as a prisoner, hostage of homogenisation,

places where global devours local, blacking diversity out, highlighting a

constant desire for the city lights. Everything is empty, everything stands still

and time dilates.

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