‘apagón’ (balckout Peru 1984-1994)

Daniel Piaggio Strandlund

2007 - 2014

‘apagón’ (balckout Peru 1984-1994)

At some point, somebody mentioned Irak and how people there born say in the 1970’s never have experienced a single year of declared peace. And then another time we were watching TV, Dora, Rochi and I and suddenly the lights went out and we were sitting there in the dark. It wasn’t long, the blackout, and it wasn’t long before they started telling me all about the blackouts back in the 80’s, Sendero Luminoso, the car bombs, the curfew, those who disappeared... So I wonder, how do you do all the things you do everyday like brush

your teeth or boil water? What does love mean? What does a plant look like when all that is in your past?

Although I was born in Lima, I wasn’t there during those years. Divorce changed the itinerary of my life and spared me from all those things I’ve been told happen. So I’ve gathered these pictures, these fragments and documents and created a visual account with the simple purpose of asking these

questions and acknowledging what I’ve been told. It is also a way of being a part of a history that I was supposed to belong to. Some pictures I have taken myself, some I’ve found and others I’m simply attached to, because of their beauty and what they evoke.

Please note that the pictures I am sending are a selection from a larger body of work. Updates soon on my website : www.danielpiaggio.net

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