Village Project

Daniel Halasz

2018 - Ongoing

When I was born, my mother was still a graduate student, so as a kid I spent months with my grandparents in a tiny village in Hungary. This meant unconstrained freedom and space, so one summer I even refused to travel on the family vacation to Greece and opted to stay.

Now, decades later, the UN says that the world's population that lives in rural areas is around 20% in the developed world and is expected to decrease sharply globally. As I feel that it is important to capture this moment, I started the Village Project in December 2018.

Ever since finishing art school and doing assignment work, I always wanted to be involved in a long term project, that does not allow the kind of fast gut responses and instead requires a deeper connection, constant decisions to be made and untraveled roads to be discovered.

This project is an attempt to better understand where I come from and who I am today and also to give tribute to people and their beautiful stories and to show what is common between us.

In the first phase of the project I am visiting all the Hungarian villages with a population of less than 100. Hope you all enjoy the adventure.

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