Dani's Stories


GOod luck with the future

Daily Life, Contemporary Issues, Fine Art

Good luck with the future is a journey of infinite paths, with a critical starting point and an uncertain destiny. It began as an exploration on how our generation lives and feels the future, to finish in an attempt to discover how do we perceive it ourselves.

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Rond point colobane

Daily Life, Street Photography, Documentary

Rond Point Colobane follows the trace of a path drawned in the ground of an unknown city. I sink in Max's stage. The magic of coincidence located me in this scenario so I decided to chase with my camera all that surrounded me looking for an everyday that could be mine if i was really his brother.

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Cultural Containers

Landscape, Contemporary Issues, Documentary

This work wants to give a generalized vision of the immensity of projects leaded by politicians in different regions of Spain following the Guggenheim model without taking care the real needs of their citizens.

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Kawah Ijen

Landscape, Nature & Environment, Documentary

Ijen is volcano located in East java, Indonesia, where you can find one of the last sky opened sulphur mines of the planet. Famous for the blue flames and for his acid lake, we decide to enter in his crater to discover his beauty and the trade of approximately four hundred miners.

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Praise the Lord

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