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Dana Balajovsky

2018 - Ongoing


In the early 90s my parents published a magazine for housewives that consisted of ideas to make crafts and molds to make your own stuffed animals.

As it was a small family business, my sisters and I were the models of almost every issue of the magazine. Accompanying mom to work was common and to end up being photographed in a flower costume, or smiling with a giant puppet seemed normal to me.

Then I became a photographer, and I always thought about collecting that material with the idea of building a small atypical family album. But when faced with it again I found that these images had multiple layers and talked not only about my family, but about what it meant to grow in the Argentine middle class of the 90s, of the established patterns, of the role of women and of what was expected that one could become.

The magazine was a success for a few years and quickly expanded to other Latin American countries, but after neoliberal policies, excessive imports of Chinese stuffed animals were opened and it was more profitable to buy them than to make them.

I am currently collecting this material and I try to order these ideas to reconstruct a fantasy story through the innocent gaze of a girl.

Password: PELUCHE

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