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About Damien


Born in 1978 in France, I'm now living in Zurich, Switzerland. My work is based on the use of two equally important elements: images and sound. With an initial documentary approach, it focuses on the interactions between perception and representation. The visual and sound components both feed and oppose each other, as an echo to our inability to fully apprehend the world that surrounds us. Far from being a failure, it draws on the possibility of another form of reality.

My work has been published and exhibited on various occasions, notably at the Musée de l’Elysée during their portfolio screenings (2012); as part of the online magazine F-Stop group show #58 (2013), and on the website Conscientious (2011). He published the photozine Six People in One Small Room with five other photographers and in cooperation with Le Bal Books and Publish it Yourself (2012). I'm also an editorial contributor to the website www.fototazo.com

Age 39
Based in Zürich, Switzerland

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