The reminiscence of being a woman

Csilla Klenyanszki

2017 - Ongoing

Netherlands; Hungary; Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands; Budapest, Hungary

The reminiscence of being a woman

A visual study of (self-)objectification and (self-)identity

“The reminiscence of being a woman” is a personal research about the role of women in a traditional society. It investigates the evolution of objectification, while using domestic chores for its visualisation. It vanishes the line between the female body and objects, while dehumanising its subject by intentionally not showing her facial features and raises the question: Where does ones identity end and becomes the body nothing but a (functional) object (and vice versa)?

The series is an ongoing project.


Csilla Klenyanszki’s (b. 1986) performative interactions can be seen as personal research for balance. A constant attraction to physical and mental tension characterizes her work. The projects play with the borders of nonsense; something that looks foolish at first, always finds it right place at the end. The nature of the work is highly playful and experimental, but the approach is rather analytic.

Her current practice focuses on gender, the human-object relation and time. Her artistic method balances between installation- and a simplified version of performance art, in combination with photography and video.

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  • Melons, 2017, Photograph

  • Mirror, 2017, Photograph

  • Chairs, 2017, Photograph

  • French loaf, 2017, Photograph

  • Curtains, 2017, Photograph

  • Table, 2017, Photograph

  • My beautiful flowers, 2017, Photograph

  • Plant, 2017, Photograph

  • Position, 2017, Photograph

  • Chair bondage, 2017, Photograph

  • Tableware, 2017, Photograph

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