Sad eyes of Venezuela

Cris Veit


Caracas, Capital, Venezuela

According to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, in 2017, each week six children die from lack of food in Venezuela.

Hunger, coupled with the shortage of doctors and medicines led the infant mortality rate back to rates of the 1950s. Doctors are afraid to attribute the cause of deaths to malnutrition, says a doctor at the Hospital José Manuel do los Rios.

Caritas, an NGO linked to the Catholic Church estimates that 65% of children between 0 and 5 years old show signs of malnutrition and 16% have severe malnutrition.

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  • A boy stands in front of a painting depicting former president Hugo Chávez at Museo Historico Militar in Caracas, part museum, part mausoleum – this is the site of Chávez's tomb.

  • Flor Rodriguez lost 8 kg in one year. To breastfeed 8-month-old Mikel she takes her body to the limit, burning the little fat she still stores. Why did she have a child in such conditions? No more condoms are found in Venezuela, is her answer

  • Kids filling bottles with water on the street in La Ceiba neighborhood

  • Graffitis and billboards of Hugo Chávez's eyes are ubiquitous in buildings and walls throughout the country

  • Rice and arepa – lunch is served at Children Hospital Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi

  • José Luis Alcalema has lung problems and has been hospitalized for 5 months. The 12 year old is malnourished, and weighs 20 kilos – 2 he lost in the hospital where meals are meager

  • Desperate a mother breastfeeds her son at Petare, regarded as one of the largest slums in the world

  • Accompanied by the grandmother, brothers André, Andrew and Daniela eat soup distributed by an NGO once a week, this way they can eat meat that their parents can't afford at home, even being from a middle class family

  • A hydroponics vegetable farm abandoned after being expropriated by the government in the town of San Francisco de Yare, rural Venezuela

  • With no money to buy shoes, notebooks or pen many kids can't even go to school

  • Observed by Che Guevara, a ubiquitous figure on the walls of Caracas, Dalgo Zamaro (in yellow shirt) dreams of being a basketball player. Sometimes during training he and his colleagues get dizzy because they have not eaten enough