Sin Hombre

Cristina Vatielli


Abruzzo, Italy; Galicia, Spain

"In the shadows of a small bedroom, legs intertwine with crumpled sheets in a bed to be shared: they love each other and will love each other forever, until death do them part".

What may seem like a sweet convivial situation between two spouses, in late 19th century Spain was considered an object of outrage, an indignity indigestible by the solemn Catholic Church if performed by two people of the same sex... but what could be so terrifying about love?

Sin Hombre is a free reconstruction of a love that is as sincere as it is impossible.

Elisa Sanchéz Loriga and Marcela Garcìa Ibeas were forced to conceal their relationship within the four walls of their home, far from the inquisitive gaze of a purely male-dominated society. Despite several attempts to separate them undertaken by Marcela's parents and the country's murmurs, the two women found a way to stay close.: Elisa disguised herself as Mario, the man who would marry Marcela in 1901, in an officially consecrated marriage that was never annulled by the Church.

The project aims to highlight the courage of these two women who fought for the freedom to love each other, a freedom that even today seems not to be so obvious. Fear of the unknown is a story that knows no age, the result of a limited vision of the world: when will we really overcome it?

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