The Fury of Nature

Maria Cristina Magalhães

2018 - Ongoing

Since the 50's the village of Atafona, situated at the northeast of Rio de Janeiro estate, Brazil, has been suffering the invasion of the sea. Nowadays, 14 squares had been vanished by the waves, and 183 buildings are submerged. The pollution and deviations suffered by the River Paraíba do Sul that outflow in Atafona's beach is the caused of all this damage to the village. The companies have changeg the direction of the river and added to the pollution that these same companies throw in the river, it has lost his power at his junction with the Atlantic ocean. As result, the river has no power to stop the force of the waves against the land. People have abbandoned his homes and what once was a fancy beach village had become a ghost village. This project will follow the changes suffered by this region, and the solutions that will be worked by the local government.

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