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Held In Common

cree moore

2021 - Ongoing

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

"Held In Common" is an intimate exploration and an attempt to understand the connection between community and the refuges of nature that we share.

While in the confines of a large city, the vulnerable process of exposing bare skin is made even more personal/intimate as we hide away in the few remaining undeveloped corners left to us.

This can be experienced as an act of energetic and visual preservation of these spaces/natural homes that may very soon be destroyed for capitalistic gain or due to climate disaster.

With each session, I expand and understand more about myself and how vital it is to express vulnerability with one another, as well as how desperately we all need to be free inside the natural environment.

This practice is a reminder of the importance of seeing that we are all deeply connected to nature and one another even when our lives take different paths. I strive to capture and express this hope of interconnectivity by creating these portraits and encouraging communities to touch on their own personal connection to the natural world and to witness the freedom that comes from existing in these green spaces.

All photos taken on 120 mm film

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  • Gavin and fire

  • Amir and Vera

  • Carley in pines

  • India and fire

  • Eva

  • Nneka and Parisa

  • Stephanie

  • Tyler

  • Nneka and Parisa

  • Kamil

  • India with fire

  • Claire and Sonny

  • Kae Goode the goddess

  • Sam, Zavier and Laith

  • Behetrin

  • Eve and becca

  • Mari and Ro

  • Sam, Zavier and Laith

  • Nneka and Parisa

  • Cody and Felix