In Motion and Repose: The Way of Butoh

Cynthia Penter

2015 - Ongoing

These photos represent a five year long interaction with a group of female Butoh dancers in Cleveland, Ohio and my lifelong interest in movement and dance. I teach photography and filmmaking at Hiram College and I practice many types of image making from Fine art to Event Photography. I also make films, and dance has been the motivation and source and topic of much of my work. I developed a friendship and working relationship with a local dancer, Hope Schultz, after seeing a film made by one of my students of her and her sister dancing. I began to follow her performances and from that I was invited to document much of her work as a dancer. She has also collaborated with me in several of my dance films.

My desire is to create an exhibition of photographs of the Butoh movement/performances that I have made and will continue to make. Ideally I would also like to include some looping movement displays i.e. Motion photographs (GIFs) of these dancers and I am also currently looking into creating several lenticular photos of movements I have photographed with the Butoh dancers.

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