Published on 24th April 2018

Birth of a utopia (ongoing project)

  • Jan 2013, Rawabi, 20 km from Ramallah. A family in visit at the showroom of the biggest new planned city in the West Bank is watching 3D movie, simulating the future life of the city.

  • Dec 2015, Rawabi, Palestine. A family who just moved in Rawabi is taking fresh air in the new built area. They are amongst the very first inhabitants who took the risk to buy a house in Rawabi. At this stage, no more than 10 families are living in the neighbourhood. They had to wait for almost two years to move in, as the project was delayed due to the restrictions of permits given by Israel.

  • Dec 2015, Rawabi, Palestine A view of the new planned city Rawabi in construction.

  • Jan 2017, Rawabi, Palestine. In the visitor center, a promotional wall paper assembling pictures of children with the digital rendering of the future streets of Rawabi. All the models used for the marketing materials are Rawabi's workers and their families.

  • Jan 2017, Rawabi, Palestine. View of the outskirts of the city, in the background, Palestinian villages of the area. Like the Israeli settlements, Rawabi was constructed at the top of the hill in concentric circles. This architectural similarity created a strong controversial debate in Palestine.

  • Feb 2015, Rawabi, Palestine. The 15.000 seats open air amphitheatre, claimed to be the biggest in middle east. It hosted the concert of the famous Gaza singer Mohammed Assaf, winner of the 2013 Arab Idol show, as the inauguration concert for the opening of the project

  • Jan 2017, Rawabi, Palestine. A night view of a Rawabi's street.

Birth of a utopia (ongoing project)

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