Colin Delfosse

2017 - Ongoing

“I met a beautiful lady on the mountain”, says an indigenous Mexican in 1541. As an echo through the centuries, people have gathered in awe where She has been seen. In Mexico first, then many times in the 19th century throughout Europe, more recently in Africa. She thrives unexpectedly through a man’s world. The Vision has come and spoken dozens of times, mostly to young girls. She has left requests and guidance, a soft smile on her face. Some of Her more dogmatic followers have inquired, even ruled over which is a “genuine” visit of Hers, or not. Her “true” apparitions are king-makers, development promises and political moves to forgotten regions. Surrounded by the tight control and consent of the Order, millions of statues sold. Behind the cold arrangements lies the truth of the number. The wheel of time turns, science can explain everything, still, people have the same craving for supernatural as always. Carried by the proof of the crowd, believing is the best escape to a promising hereafter. Beyond a fading sense of hope crushed in a 100-peso keyholder souvenir lays the continuous need for marvel.

A projet by Julie David de Lossy& Colin Delfosse

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