Soy mi Cuerpo

Carlos Noriega

"Soy mi Cuerpo" (‘I am my body’) is an experimental photographic work that pretends too be a kind of catharsis after a period –short but intense- of depression, in which my conflicts (most of them produced by corporal and mental factors) were unsustainable.

Everyday medical instruments like a urethral catheter and lubricant gel, or representatives of that period like the psychiatrist prescription or Natalia’s portrait, all come out from that comfort zone where they were hidden, and now they expose part of my world and release a charge.

This project arose because of the need of to portrait to me and to write something that represents the tying without chain that I felt in that moment.

The text that inspired this photographic work is below:

I never have felt free. Behind my apparel is a hidden body tied to his ideas, to his needs. Needs little known, unexplored realities, vague ideas that fly away and vanish with time and the body that ties them.

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  • Nunca me he sentido libre. Detrás de mi vestuario se esconde un cuerpo atado a sus ideas, a sus necesidades. Necesidades poco conocidas, realidades poco exploradas, ideas vagas que vuelan lejos, que se desvanecen con el tiempo y que el cuerpo las ata.