Made in the Shade

Chloe Meynier

2018 - Ongoing

Through a mise-en-scene self-portraiture series, Made In The Shade depicts characters in Mid Century Modern settings, mirroring an era that was aspiring for change. Despite this societal urge to create a new modern lifestyle, women rapidly lost their independence gained during the war period and returned to domesticated environments to fulfill decades of gender role traditions.

The carefully staged scenes attempt to challenge female stereotypes. The series offers a powerful lens through which the viewer contemplates these women in a non-objectified way and reconfigures their essence. The absence of context gives these characters the power to be architects, scientists, musicians, engineers, doctors, etc.; roles often identified as being fulfilled by men.

Through a female gaze, the work questions how society shapes human beliefs and ideologies, and overall, reinforces the importance to continue the action for gender equality in an era informed by #MeToo and #Time’s up movements.

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  • Beyond Contemplation

  • Quiet Breakfast

  • The Aftermath

  • Deer Hunting

  • Freedom and Sovereignty

  • Long-Lasting Legacy

  • Tomorrow is Another Day

  • Set of Promises

  • Beneath the Salt

  • Unknown Opportunities

  • Secret Anniversary

  • Late Afternoon Thoughts

  • A Bright Future

  • Conventional Society

  • A Glimpse of Shyness

  • Heterodox Lifestyle