Queer Rome, Queer Love

Cloudy Moroni

2020 - Ongoing

Rome, Latium, Italy

"Queer Rome, Queer Love" is a series of candid portraits that celebrate the local queer community, which is still out and proud despite rampant homophobia and transphobia in Italy.

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  • Alex and Marta

  • Fede and Hilde

  • Fau, Clark and Eva

  • Maria and Janet

  • Martin and Agie

  • Senith and Electra

  • Marta, Dinda and Thea

  • Martini and Martiria

  • Ren and Fau

  • Costanza and Virginia

  • Isotta, Martiria and Giulia

  • Iuri and Olga

  • Marita and Anahi