En Medio de la Nostalgia

Chantal Lesley

2020 - Ongoing

Texas, United States

En Medio de la Nostalgia is an art series that explores identity, multiculturalism, and Mexican-American border issues. As a half German, half Peruvian woman who grew up in Brownsville, TX, feeling stretched between four cultures has led to a strong interest in issues of identity in my photographic work. This body of work explores the similarities and differences between my four cultures (German, Peruvian, Mexican, American) through research, the exploration of creating photographs, and the use of symbolism related to each culture combining them to find new meaning that represents my experience. Through still lifes, portraiture, and archives I explore the history of my family throughout several generations.

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  • Portrait of my mother as a child

  • Portrait of a man I never knew

  • My tripping tongue makes me feel like a fraud

  • It will be here when you come back

  • Confirmed Bitch

  • Portrait of my father as a child

  • Same, but different

  • Making it in America

  • In the midst of my nostalgia

  • I've spent so much money trying to look like you

  • Where you least expect it

  • Self Portrait: What are you?

  • Chantal and Chantal

  • Curanderas

  • Lupita's Bridal Boutique

  • Just Landed

  • Cholas y Pishtacos

  • Not Less

  • It's hard to find a home

  • La alegria de la familia