"Room 7"

claudia greco


"Room 7" is a photostory inspired by beautiful dancer Pablo.

Shoot on a late summer day in Berliner forgotten Pension Nurnberger eck.

This photostory is part of a larger project of mine;

since a few years i am photographing my friends and colleague , all dancers , placing them in unusual locations and rewriting on them a story that they did not live.. connecting them with spaces and memories that are part of someone elses life.

For this project ,my photographic vision is deeply influenced by the

aesthetics and dynamics of the theater and back stage and

particularly focused in the moment where all the little

imperfections and excesses melt into fashion.

The staging and the choreographic composition lay the

foundations for a composed and studied photography, where

patinated atmospheres,bits of costumes and theater props and

decoration, harmonious bodies and decadent locations built the

scenario for the portrayed men and women to play their role.

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