Neutral canvas

Claudia Borgia

2019 - Ongoing

The project explores the theme of limit as a border. Through the juxtaposition of nature in the strict sense and the body, I face the question of desires and the possibilities of breaking it down.

Nature knows no boundaries, even though forced, it explodes and settles. Cracks represent failure compared to a force that pushes to come out. Even when the perception of one's body does not correspond to the binary code, the short circuit generates other possibilities. In both cases the imposed boundary no longer exists, and ii becomes an inhabited area. Mirò did not feel to correspond to that idea of female beauty made up of forms and ruffles, eventhouth it was part of the life.

Attributed to the female gender at birth, Mirò feels the strong male soul that usually inhabitaes every bodies. Nomad of gender, Mirò says: "I don't like the feminine clothes but also the masculine ones. For me to dress as a man is to ape the man and to dress myself as a woman is to mimic the woman. I am neither one nor the other. This is why I always return to the neutral form, because it is the only one in which I feel good about myself as woman and myself as a man. Thinness is part of this form. Someone tells me that I am beautiful, for what little femininity I have left. I'm not a man, but I'm not even that stuff there. I feel much more woman without the breasts, without the hips, without the forms, without the skirts. It seemed to me a false thing. The neutral form is my form of resistance. It's that white palette on which I can do anything".

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