About Clare


Clare Steele (b.1994) lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Through her practice she seeks to construct a contemporary narrative from people’s emotional and physical connections to place and each other. In 2015, Clare graduated with a Bachelor of Photography from Photography Studies College, winning the Award for Photojournalism/Documentary Photography. Clare's first book (self-published) J.W. was shortlisted for the Unseen Dummy Award 2016 in Amsterdam and received a commendation from Australian Photobook of the Year Awards 2017. Her publications can be found in the permanent archives of The National Library of Australia, Martin Parr Foundation England, The Library Project Ireland and The Asia Pacific Photobook Archive. Clare’s work has been widely exhibited both locally and internationally and published online and in print. In 2018, she took part in a residency program in Sevilla, Spain. And most recently having two solo shows in Melbourne of her series’ Descendants and Beneath (forthcoming).

Age 25
Nationality Australian
Born in Australia
Based in Melbourne, Australia
Languages spoken English

Other Networks

Current Location: Melbourne, Australia



  • Commended - Australian Photobook of the Year Award.


  • Shortlisted - Unseen Dummy Award.


  • Winner - Graduate Award for Excellence in the Documentary Major Bachelor of Photography.