Cihad Caner


From march 2011 till now over 60.000 people died during the Syrian civil war and 700.000 people took refuge in other countries. Some cities are entirely destroyed. The remaining people are trying to survive in more and more bad conditions.

This serie is not about the explosions, neither about the conflicts, nor dead people, but about the effects of war. It shows the relationship of the remaining people with the remaining places and their environments

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  • Muaz; This is my district.
    Aisa; We'll rise from his bullet holes.

  • Anwar; My wife is pregnant, hopefully she will give birth to our child together with freedom.

  • I want a good future for my children.

  • Bassam; I've lost four family members.

  • Ibrahim Omar; However i'm far away from Esad, i'm still scared to die by his bombs while sleeping.

  • Abdullah; My only wish is to drink coffee in Damascus in freedom.

  • Faysal; We don't have nothing. We have lost everything.

  • Mostafa; I brought my family to Turkey and left to fight here, for freedom.

  • Salih, Ahmad