Iman (Islam In Iceland)

Cian Oba-smith

2014 - Ongoing

This project focuses on the small Islamic community (approx. 1000) of Iceland. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world however the community in Iceland is still very young and its lineage can therefore be traced from its origins up until the present day. This project exposes the backgrounds to a variety of people within the Icelandic Muslim community as well as documenting daily life within the Islamic community portraying these aspects in an honest light and challenging the stereotypes that the general public is often exposed to by the mainstream media.

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  • Algerian, Length of time in Iceland unknown

  • Multifaith prayer room in Iceland University

  • Morrocan, lived in Iceland for 9 years

  • Kenyan, Length of time in Iceland unknown

  • The three positions of prayer

  • Syrian, Lived in Iceland for 34 years

  • Prayer robes

  • Site of the first purpose built mosque in Iceland

  • Morrocan, Lived in Iceland for 6 years

  • Egyptian, Lived in Iceland for 2 1/2 years

  • Morrocan, Lived in Iceland for 12 years