Claudia Iacomino

2019 - Ongoing

Napoli, Campania, Italy

Abstract - Mnemosyne

On November 25, around on 23:00 pm, my father passed away. I bent over a bad looking for his breath, among tubes and medicines, but he was gone. It was just me, my mother and Death breathing on us during last five years. In all that time I wanted to hold onto his body, and now I just want to hold onto his memory, to avoid everything he’s been going away forever, as well as his breath. I want to understand all elements of memory: how to practice, what powers it, where it goes, what it has to do with the images, with the truth, with the memory, with the History and collective’s history.

I scanned all his file recovering memories that don’t belong to me: youth, experiences, his view of things, interlacing the scans with “colleteral photographs”, pictures with a therapeutic and cathartic purpose, a search for exploration and reconciliation with oneself.

The work is a fragmentary, sudden and unexpected, as well as the memory, so it don’t follow a narrative progression. The memory is transformed into images, open images in which one can find a story, far from being an individual one but a common, recurrent grief.

For a long time I thought what to tell about all this pain. To me, the creation of the memory maps, borrowing Aby Warburg historic methodology, sounds like a right definition of the topic; an atlas of images, a layer formed by several juxtapositions which allow us not to get used to the flow of the time.

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