Christine Mooijer


Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Soliloquy is an utterance or discourse by a person who is talking to herself, or is disregardful of/oblivious to any hearers present.

It’s a coming-of-age story about feminine loneliness and the search for an escape from reality, the temporary freedom in finding this escape and losing it just as quickly, because of the inevitable return to reality. It is a semi-autobiographic story, dealing with my own loneliness and depressions. A soliloquy with myself, through a series of images.

Photography for me is writing stories. Writing my own reality, my own world. I’d like to show you this world through pictures, but make you a part of it as well.

My images show my search for another world or reality. I'm always looking for an escape or likeminded 'aliens' like me, by use of staged (portrait) photography. I often feel like I don’t belong and with photography, I can exist in my own bubble, in which I feel less lonely, if only for a little while.

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