"iI give you my life"

Chloé Jafé

2013 - 2016

This is a project I started almost 3 years ago about women in the Japanese mafia.

I decided to gain access into the Yakuza underworld to try and find out what the women’s role is in this little-known organisation.

I had the great opportunity of meeting an important boss from a Tokyo gang who accepted me and let me in. However, before this encounter I tried to enter this world through different doors, from the nightlife in the red light district to hostess bars in Ginza. For a short period of time I even became a hostess myself in order to have a better understanding of their way of living and to respect their identity.

I mostly follow one family/gang, and girls who are somehow connected to the underworld.

It is a male-dominated organisation and there are no official female “members”. Women related to this world are either wives, daughters or mistresses. However they still play an important role in the organisation’s efficiency.

This project is about my personal journey through this underworld.

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