Chiara Dazi


Berlin, Germany

Is a visit to the hairdresser a trivial concern, an essential service or rather a matter of human dignity? In some cultures, a new hairstyle is often historically interpreted as an emblematic exercise control or a rite of passage; in times of curfews and confinement, when other aspects of our life seem to be beyond our control, a trivial gesture of care like styling one's hair can help a symbolic tool to overcome constraints and face challenges with a positive attitude. And it is possibly in order to give a perspective of hope, open the door to the return to a normality, to fight the black market of cutting or simply to fulfil their own needs, the German government has given prioritised green light to haircutting, blow-drying and hairdressing services nationwide from 1 March 2021. Way ahead of all other businesses. In "Locke-Down" I document one aspect of this "return to regularity" for Berliners, with portraits taken all over the city just before and after their hairdresser appointment during March 2021.

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