The House on the Moon

Chiara Ceolin


The Covid-19 pandemic wrapped our lives in a layer of uncertainty and anxiety.

Too young to have the tools to articulate their feelings, my children expressed their discomfort through tantrums, nightmares and lack of concentration.

Simone, 3 yo, channeled his fears into his dreams. Every night he dreamed of monsters, isolation and deep sadness. The title is inspired by him asking if daddy was living in a house on the moon. In reality, he was staying away from the family home whilst working as an intensive care doctor.

Maia, 5 yo, on the other hand, found a way to preserve her dreams, however, her days turned into a confusing storm.

I started asking them about their dreams and their imaginary completely enthralled me. Their tales, their imagination, transformed us all and I felt the urge to create and visualise parts of them.

This is how we started to turn their dreams into imagery and by doing so we found a way to turn their fears into something positive and fun.

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