Generation Mobile

Chiara Ceolin

2016 - Ongoing

Cyber space is the new playground and the digital landscape can be quite worrying. 

Generation Mobile explores the role technology plays in children’s life and its effects on their mind and behaviour.

Being a mother of two young children I question myself on how to find an healthy balance about screen time. I once found myself trapped when the only way to keep my daughter on the potty, during her potty training, was actually to hand her my phone. That's when this project started, in 2016, and she was 2 years old. I then developed the idea of exploring this new habit with my friends' children and my own. Sometimes I even see an interesting scene in the street and I re-create it later on to photograph it.

My understanding is that, as parents, we are not well equipped to handle all this as our children are the first generation to have access to mobile technology since a very early age and we feel sometimes lost. I believe that there is a great need of more knowledge about media and specifically about how to relate to technology at each developing age.

According to research, technology use is not analogous to drug use. We all use technology for important purposes and we need to find healthy ways to use it without letting it take over.

My project is still developing and growing, my aim is to create 50 portraits of children (0-17 y.o.), interview them and then build a website to share all their stories and useful information both for parents and children.

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