Charlotta Hauksdottir

2017 - Ongoing

The physical space of landscapes can be closely tied to a person’s identity, sense of being, and infused with personal history. The composite, textured landscapes in the series “Imprints” are a re-creation of places and scenes from an estranged homeland. The series includes human scale abstract landscapes where several sheets of photographic paper with variable cutouts are layered together imitating landforms that have formed over millennia, images that utilize fingerprint, palm print and eye patterns, evoking the uniqueness of our connection with nature and images were parts of the landscape have been removed indicating how the earth is eroding. The visible and obscured parts of the landscape suggest the interplay of effects between man and nature, as well as the imperfections of memory, with juxtaposed textures emphasizing the mind’s inability to retain and fully comprehend its environment. The discontinuity between the images induces the viewer to draw on their own experiences to complete the work. Finally, by utilizing human biological patterns, the images speak to our individual responsibility for our impressions upon nature.

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  • Topography Study XXXII

  • Topography Study XXXV

  • Topography Study XXXVII

  • Topography Study XXXVIII

  • Imperception I

  • Imperception II

  • Indentation I

  • Indentation III

  • Indentation IV

  • Impression XXI

  • Impression XXIII

  • Erosion I

  • Erosion II

  • Erosion VI

  • Erosion VII