Pin The Fantasy on the Female

Chantal Lesley

2019 - Ongoing

As a half German, half Peruvian woman who grew up on a Mexican American border town, feeling stretched between four cultures has led a strong interest in issues of identity in my work. I especially feel compelled to tell the story of what it means to be a modern millennial woman. My work always stems from my own personal experiences, and have become a true source of therapy for me.

"Pin The Fantasy on the Female" deals with my frustration of fitting into ideal images of beauty forced onto me and every woman. I portray issues of weight, body hair and plastic surgery using the classic pin up image that I felt have dictated the ideal woman for decades, but how ironically even the original pin up women such as Marilyn Monroe and Betty Page couldn't live up to their own images and either ended up in an untimely demise or forgotten.

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