Human Nature

Charlotta Hammar

2020 - Ongoing

The photographic project Human Nature is dealing with the ancient question about the relation between human and nature. In the photographs, the human as a species is represented by a naked body, trying to reconnect to its origin – in other words nature itself. These attempts consist of the artist wanting to imitate nature with her body, with a desperate desire to blend in, dissolve but also connect. The result could be read as ridiculous and absurd. It becomes even more obvious that humans have alienated themselves from nature and the hairless and pale body sticks out and is not camouflaged at all (or does not signal any strength against the power of nature for instance) . The images are photographed with an old Rollieflex camera, which refers to a world before this world, where there was none speaking of abstract digital solutions and when a cloud was a cloud in the sky and nothing else. The concept of Nature Connectedness plays a part in the work and is based on three different perspectives of how to discuss the relation between human and nature: the cognitive, the affective and the behavioral. The cognitive component is about how integrated one feel with nature, the affective takes on the sense of care for nature an individual feel and the behavioral component deals with how the individual act in form of a commitment to protect natural environment. The project Human Nature is ongoing and not yet presented in any form than this.

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  • Trying to be a juniper bush

  • Trying to be a stem

  • Trying to be a stone in water

  • Trying to be moss on a cliff

  • Trying to be reed

  • Trying to be the continuation of a dead tree stem

  • Trying to be wind

  • Trying to be a stone among other stones