To the ones I've dated

Cecilia Di Paolo

2022 - Ongoing

London, England, United Kingdom

We all have those objects. The ones we cherish. The ones we touch for comfort. The ones that knock the air out of us at just a glimpse.

They catapult us into the past, these things we know we should throw away, but don’t.

From a handwritten break-up letter, to a discarded pack of Marlboro Lights, each inanimate object hits a nerve and begs the question: is there anything worth keeping, once love is lost?

This is the question photographer Cecilia Di Paolo explores in her upcoming Solo Show: “To the Ones I’ve Dated.”

In her still life photography of the items that were given or left behind by lovers, Cecilia captures the correlation between the emotional and the material world, irrational, however undeniable;

An exhibition that celebrates our memories and attachments.

Writer Samantha Ellis ties the objects with a narrative thread to their history, penning each object to life and giving the reader a glimpse into the significance to its possessor, big or small.

We invite the viewers to experience emotion, humour, and closure.

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  • the one who loves Dostoevsky

  • the one who hurt me

  • the one who came back

  • the one with good taste in music

  • the married one

  • the one who left something behind

  • The one who shucked

  • You

  • the love stories

  • the wood carver

  • the one I regret

  • the one with bad vision

  • the one with a secret

  • the one with an old heart