HIDDEN GIRLS - (un)fashion

Claudia Cuomo

2019 - Ongoing

Models working in Showroom during Paris Fashion Week.

One of the multiples hidden side of fashion stands in the real work of models: waiting, changing, speeding, changing again, being in a rush, being exhausted, being melancholic, being strong. And starting over 100 times a day.

To all women workers.

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  • Svetlana with her outfit just before going to see the clients outside the corridor.
    Sveta is from Russia and she's a full time model. She once was studying to be a teacher for blind people.

  • Oksana is from Ukraine. She's resting but ready to dress up when needed.

  • Agata is a model and English teacher from Gdansk, Poland. Here in a moment between 2 clients.

  • Daniela is from Czech Republic and she comes to Paris every Fashion Week.

  • Svetlana checking her phone just after a client left. She told me that she likes to go off to Champs-Élysées because there's free wifi everywhere.

  • Agata is smiling at my jokes about Poland and Italy. Girls from different countries and cultures create real bonds spending several weeks together.

  • Daniela talking with her relatives.

  • Sveta having a tea.

  • Daniela and Svetlana on the floor.
    Often showrooms don't provide specific rooms for models, they are basically changing wherever there's space for it. Even a corridor not larger than 1 meter

  • Agata checking up her messages after a client.

  • Daniela and Svetlana having a small break. Usually there's no time to have lunch properly while working, so models have to eat randomly when they have a moment.

  • Sveta being funny at the camera. The corridor/backstage of showroom is very narrow.

  • Agata is smiling at me when the working day is almost over.

  • Svetlana is exhausted after many appointments. More clients could come anytime to see the collections.

  • A dresser come announcing: "let's start over, girls".