City Space

Clarissa Bonet

2011 - Ongoing

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Rooted in the act of the pedestrian, City Space investigates the modern city center—a transitory space in which the masses convene for brief moments in time. Drawing from personal experiences and observations, I create images that deconstruct the pedestrian urban experience, contemplating anonymity, anxiety, urban planning, surveillance, and the divide between public and private space.

Borrowing closely from the genre and practice of street photography, I expand on what it means to make work on, and of, the street. By thoughtfully staging my images instead of relying on chance encounters, I am able to tap into the psychological experiences of the urban pedestrian in space.

My work aims to give the viewer a space in which to reflect on the importance of the pedestrian experience of cities, and the spaces and places we interact with on a daily basis. As an increasingly urbanized global society, the pedestrian experience needs to be thoughtfully considered if we are to build cities and spaces, not only for walking, but also for resting, sitting, playing, and waiting.

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  • Public / Private Space,2019

  • Cloud Chaser, 2019

  • Glimpse, 2019

  • Clouds by Design, 2019

  • Distancing, 2020

  • Suspense, 2019

  • Gust, 2018

  • Fortress, 2016

  • Open, 2020

  • Calculation, 2019

  • Emerge, 2017

  • Splatter, 2015

  • Proximity, 2014

  • Curated Landscape, 2019

  • Resting, 2018

  • A Place to Perch, 2021

  • Threshold, 2021