In Lieu of Anne Marie

Cathy Laskowski


Siblings play a unique role in one another's lives. For most they are each others first friendship. During childhood, strong emotional bonds of love, thoughtfulness, and comradery are encouraged and developed within the household. As time passes and personalities emerge it is not uncommon for the relationship to grow into something more than just a shared blood line; it is also not uncommon for siblings to grow apart.

I myself once had a sibling but due to her loss in an unexpected accident I spent the majority of my youth as an only child. Now as a young adult, the absence of my sister has left me wondering what our relationship would have been like in the past, present, and even the future. Since I'll never have answers to these perpetual questions, I have chosen to photograph several different siblings in hopes of gaining a glimpse into a kinship that I have never truly had the opportunity to experience. What I have found by photographing such an array of relationships is that if Anne Marie were still alive, despite the ups and downs, my wish is that we would always be there for each other as siblings.

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