The Hum

Catalina Kulczar-Marin


It's hard to look up to women who don't look like you, who aren't represented in your industry, who are doing amazing and inspiring work.

Female empowerment and visual representation of females is a recurring theme in my personal photography work. I want little girls everywhere to be able to look at women in technology, in music, in EVERY FIELD of work there is, because if they can see examples of what is possible, they will be inspired and follow their lead.

The HUM is an all-female and nonbinary concert series that celebrates, instigates and nourishes the community of female and non-binary musicians in New York City and beyond. Professional musicians are paired into groups of 2-5, and perform a set of songs in front of live audiences.

I made portraits of 80 professional female musicians in the green room of Brooklyn-based dance club The Good Room right after they performed.

What I love the most about the HUM and this collection is the visual example of diversity in gender, ethnicity and age.

Women united in music, setting an example for the next generation of young women across the globe.? Fuck yes!

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