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Daily Life, Contemporary Issues, Documentary

An internal journey, a look at the world where reality and fiction intermingle. It is a constant exercise of attention, of looking at the everyday and finding the beautiful, the raw, the loneliness, all those fragments that are part of reality and symbolize life itself.

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Contemporary Issues, Nature & Environment, Documentary

Four women in the four corners that make up the Chilean territory converge in fellowship in this photographic project. Women living in different geographical locations of the country: North/South/East/West (desert, forest, mountains and sea) are accomplices to these characters seeking their place.

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Portrait, Daily Life, Documentary

The passing of time in the various bodies converging at a same instant, which are inherited through lineage. The weight that is generated in the relationship of women of the same family, where mothers and daughters are protagonists, causing an aura of intrigue, endurance and gentleness.

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