Carola Lampe

2016 - 2018

Berlin, Germany; Japan

“Humanoid” investigates how the increasing digitalization affects human behaviour.

We are creating a brave new world where artificial intelligence, robots and big data become promises of a better life. We live in a time when technology is simultaneously enhancing our lives and challenge our identity by creating machines with human characteristics.

But are we aware of this? What does it mean to be human when technology is changing everything?

What does the future hold for us?

In “Humanoid” I examine everyday life, and search for indications of the “future” within our present.

Are the people we see real or are they humanoids? I want to create a vision of what the world looks like as we start to notice these shifts happening on micro levels.

“Humanoid” investigates the friction between technology and the human being, shifting between a dystopian and utopian view. The ending is still open...

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