Carlo D'Orta

2009 - 2020


The "Vibrations" project is a photographic research on abstract/surrealistic images produced by the windows of the skyscrapers of our cities. These windows reflect in a deformed way the reality that surrounds them: other buildings, people, vehicles. The forms that derive from it seem fantastic images, but they are instead a parallel reality. We move in this fantastic world distractedly.

But if we just stop for a moment and - as Rodchenko, Proust and Franco Fontana have taught us – “we see" and not only "we look at", we can discover this parallel world that really exists but usually we does’nt see.

My research arises - through the choice of subjects, the cut of the shots and sometimes the digital reworking of contrasts of light and color - on the border between photography and painting, and is ideally linked to artistic movements called Abstraction, Surrealism and Futurism.

I have began this project in 2009 and I have then realized it in cities in all the world: Europe, USA and Asia.

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