because of pink

Carla Kogelman

2015 - Ongoing

The first time in 2015 I met Tex, Morris and Soesja they were 3 years old and would turn 4 the next day. After shooting pictures for an afternoon (‘’we would like to have a family portrait’’) I said goodbye to them and said that I would love to see them again in a year. When I arrived home I thought, no …not next year.. but next month.. next week.. And so a new serie started. The 2-egged triplet Tex, Morris & Soesja (2011) live with their older brother Roefie and mother and father in a colorful house in Utrecht. An average dutch town. Every kid is trying to find his or her own way, looking for her or his identity. The boys versus the girl. The girl alone. The boy(s) who likes to wear pink and dresses. But not always. It happens, it is allowed. The triplet has one wardrobe, they can choose themselves what they want to wear. It is a wonderful world where the children are allowed to grow and to discover live. A house with room for different beings. Where you can find out who you are and who you can be. Where you can follow your gender path. Where-ever that brings you, it isokay. Since they live in Holland, it is easy to visit them for just one day. Summer 2017 I spent a week with them on holidays in Czech Republic. the project is ongoing ...

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  • morris in a dress

  • tex

  • at home

  • tex

  • tex and morris can fight a lot

  • one of the kids

  • hugging mum

  • tex

  • tex at home

  • triplet having a bath

  • bed time stories

  • fun in the garden

  • birthday party fun

  • the four children

  • soesja and her brothers

  • in the hammock

  • tex and soesja enjoying the sun

  • summertime

  • soesja

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